Filipino cuisine has taken the world by storm.
— Metro Society
The Romulo Café replicates Virginia Llamas-Romulo’s Christmas spread.
— Romulo Café Christmas Spread, December 3, 2017, Manila Standard
‘Tapas are considered strictly Spanish; associated only with Spanish food,’ says Sandie Romulo Squillantini, owner of Romulo Café and granddaughter of Carlos P. Romulo.
— Taking Pulutan as Gen. Romulo Would, December 5, 2017, Manila Standard
Romulo Café introduces a lineup of cocktails and Filipino-style tapas.
— Tinapa Rolls at Romulo Café, November 2, 2017, The Philippine Star
For most Pinoys, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a hearty lechon or relleno—both of which are part of Romulo Café’s Christmas spread.
— Eat, Drink, Have a Happy New Year, December 4, 2017, Rappler
We’ve taken the tried-and-tested combination of beer and pulutan, and we’ve made it a little friendlier to an international clientele.
— Bangus Pate, etc., Feliciano Rodriguez III,, October 3, 2017
A-listers and foodie friends savored sumptuous cocktails and Filipino-style tapas.
— Happy Hour at Romulo Café, Maurice Arcache, The Philippine Star, November 7, 2017
While Filipino beer will always be a staple that goes perfectly with local flavors, we also want wine and cocktail drinkers to taste—to experience—what is just super great bar chow.
— Romulo Café Happy Hour, October 3, 2017, Taking Pulutan International, Asian Journal